Ongoing Transactions

Sl.No. Transaction Mobilization Size Instrument MAVUCA Role Sector
1 The company provides pet-focused products and services. Its products have a pan-India presence through distributors and e-commerce partnerships. The company has successfully launched various products catering to the well-being and food needs of pets. Its on-call veterinary and grooming services are available at three Indian metropolis presently. up to US$ 2.5 million Equity Fund mobilization FMCG, Pet-care, Pet wellbeing
2 The company has built a disruptive Institutional Mortgage Platform focused on Micro-SMEs leveraging proprietary technology for acquisition/ underwriting and risk management to build mortgage portfolios for institutional lenders. A judicious mix of self-lending book and co-lending platform. Its on-balance sheet AUM crossed over $.15mn and demonstrated very high credit portfolio through the Covid-19 pandemic. up to US$ 1.5 — 2.0 million Equity Fund mobilization FinTech, Mortgage Lender, BFSI, Digital Lending
3 The company, a luxury houseware company, offers various product offerings in the cutlery and hollowware segment. The company is recognized as a symbol for high-quality and innovative products. The company operates under 2 brands, to best cater to their different target customers, to capture more market share. US$ 5 – 7 million Debt Streategic advisory & Fund mobilization Tableware, Dinnerware
4 This, revenue-generating, space technology start-up has developed monitoring & geo-positioning systems linked with ISRO’s NavIC.
Its product suite, of critical national importance, is synchronized with NavIC for meeting user requirements of Positioning, Navigation and Timing services. The company’s products encompass applicability in space-, maritime-based and ground-based navigation systems.
The company enjoys a first-mover advantage being the only company to launch NavIC processor applications on a commercial basis.
up to US$ 1 million Equity Fund mobilization Space Technology, Radio Navigation, Geo-positioning, Aerospace
5 An IIT Delhi, R&D based, incubated start-up, has successfully designed, developed, and prototyped critical components of 2W & 3W electric vehicles (EVs), including – 2W and 3W battery packs, high powered motor controller, Battery Management System (BMS), and Advance Rider Assist System (ARAS). Each being best-in-class and indigenously built. It has been supported by the Department of Science & Technology of the Government of India (GOI), MHRD – GOI, etc. up to US$ 1 million Equity Fund mobilization Electric mobility, Electric vehicle (EV) components, Energy storage
6 Capex debt financing for auto-ancillaries company whose products are primarily supplied to 2-wheelers segment INR 800 million Debt Fund mobilization Auto ancillaries
7 Project finance under FAME II scheme implemented under PPP basis for procuring-running-maintaining on fixed-rate contract for 10-years of 40 Electric passenger buses for Gwalior Smart-City INR 575 million Debt Fund mobilization EV/transportation
8 CapEx debt raising for a green-field HRC project enterprise up to INR 1.1 billion Debt Fund mobilization Metals
9 Working capital facilities for a tools and files company. INR 225 million Debt Fund mobilization Engineering
10 Debt raise against Purchase Orders (POs) from leading corporates for a start up in the Space Tech sector INR 50+ million Debt Fund mobilization Space Technology, Radio Navigation, Geo-positioning, Aerospace
11 Fund mobilization for offshore acquisition-cum-capex for a leading company in Animal Healthcare INR 300 – 400 million Debt Fund mobilization Pharmaceuticals
12 Promoter Financing, in form of LAP-overdraft facility, towards infusion of working capital for a ship-breaking company. INR 300 – 400 million Debt Fund mobilization Ship breaking
Sl.No. Transaction Mobilization Size (INR Mn) Instrument Sector
1 Strategic co-lending partnerships and resource mobilization for NCR focused secured lender up to INR 500 million Co-lending/equity Fintech – NBFC
2 Resources mobilization for water desalination and water supply infrastructure under long-term BOT basis with State of Gujarat (#4 SPVs) INR 9.75 billion Debt Infrastructure
3 Development, operation and maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) projects under the Namami Gange programme on a Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM)/Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis at Bingawan, Sajari, Unnao, Shuklaganj, Jajmau and Pankha. INR 1.05 billion Debt Infrastructure
4 Implementation of energy efficiency measures in public street lighting system in Bengaluru under a shared savings framework INR 7.61 billion Debt Infrastructure
5 Construction finance of residential complex at Kandivali (East), Mumbai (India) INR 1.5 billion Debt Real Estate
6 The company is focusing on the vacuum witnessed in the professional diagnostics fulfilment market. The company is enroute to become the employer of the largest network of qualified phlebotomists (a person who is trained to take blood from a patient).
Through its network of qualified phlebotomists, the company addresses the pain points prevalent during home sample collection, maintenance, transport and delivery to the diagnostic labs.
up to INR 150 million Equity Healthcare delivery services, Diagnostics delivery services
7 Sub-dealer financing structures, each channel-partner annual volume from INR 5 million to 100 million. Up to INR 500 million Debt Construction materials
8 Debt re-financing for energy transmission company Up to INR 2.5 billion Debt Energy
9 Buy-side sourcing of loan book secured against mortgages, real-assets, equipment up to INR 1 billion Loan-book NBFC
10 Placement of PTCs against a pool of lease rentals for a co-working spaces provider Up to INR 500 million Lease Rental Discounting (LRD) Services provider
11 Arrangement of NOC from 2 existing lenders for change in shareholding pattern pursuant to takeover of the power transmission company by a AAA rated energy conglomerate. Debt Energy
12 Facilitating buyback of bonds of a infrastructure company from a insurance company and a pension house to comply with unregistered CIC’s requirement INR 300 million NCDs Infrastructure
13 Part-project finance for a 250.8 MW capacity of Wind Power Project in Gujarat up to INR 2.5 billion Debt Energy
14 Debt re-financing for thermal power generation and renewable energy generation company up to INR 1.25 billion Debt Energy
15 KSE Electric Limited up to INR 400 million Debt Energy transmission

We have various loan-asset pools for take-over through direct assignment / PTC routes. These include LAP / Mortgage-backed SME Loans, Commercial Vehicles, Two-wheelers, Unsecured – Personal Loans, Unsecured – Business Loans, Home Loans, Equipment Finance, Construction / Developer Loans & Gold Loans. Both PSL and non-PSL are available. Pool size in most of the cases is upwards of INR 1 bn. Small sizes can be made available on request.

A few specific proposals available for pool take-over

  1. INR 500 mn of asset pool comprising of commercial vehicles loans, farm sector loans and small businesses loans by AA rated SI-NBFC.
  2. INR 1500 mn of asset-pool of personal loans (unsecured) being offered by AAA rated SI-NBFC.

For one of our banking clients, we are sourcing pools of affordable housing loan and loan-against-property (LAP).

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